Tarout Castle


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Tarout Castle

Just east of the area of Al Qatif is Tarout, a small island containing a number of fascinating historical sights. Chief among them is beautiful Tarout Castle, which dates back to the 16th century. Interestingly, no one is sure whether it was built by locals to defend themselves from Portuguese attacks, or whether it was the Portuguese who built it to defend themselves from Turkish attacks.

Do & See

While the Dammam area offers many interesting and beautiful historical and cultural sights and museums (and be sure not to miss great monuments like the Tarout Castle), the city's wonderful outdoor life is what makes it stand out as a destination. With tons of parks and green spaces, it is a city to experience out in the open, when the sometimes stifling weather permits. Walk along the Corniche and breathe in the fresh sea air to understand what the city is all about.